Wednesday, November 13, 2013

So Excited

I am sooooo excited, the parks are starting to look more like Christmas.  Yesterday, Disneyland was suppose to be Christmas decorated, but I couldn't go, sigh.  I can't wait to see all the decorations, it just makes me happy.  Last week, we went to DCA and Cars was decorated.  It was adorable.  I have been thinking all weekend - how I could make some of their trees into little ornaments for a new tree in my house.  Hubby was a party pooper and said that I had to get the other trees decorated, first.  Ha - I love a challenge.

Isn't he adorable.  I need to find an ornament of this guy,  I am sure Disney has made one - field trip.  I have never seen the movie, so I went out and bought it - just so I could figure out who all the characters were.  I blamed my grandson and said I bought the movie for him, giggle.  By the way, he loved the movie.

I think, this is my favorite tree there.  It would make a cute ornament for my tree.  I think, I could put it on my Disney tree - until I have enough ornaments for a "Cars" tree.

Isn't this the cutest thing. 

This tree would look perfect in my backyard.  Ok, so I might have a Christmas tree problem.  But, these trees make me happy.  We all deserve to be happy and they recycle.

I am excited to see what else Disney has decorated.  They know how to make it feel like Christmas.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Candy Apple - November

Here is November's candy apple, yum.  It is Rocky Road.  Lots of marshmellow and nuts with a drizzle of chocolate - not too sweet.  It is fun to me to make a trip to Disneyland just to get the apples.  The routine has been - spend the day having fun, get a Mickey cookie and a different apple.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Magic Shots - Disneyland

I found out about Magic Shots from an article at Capturing Magic.  I had to have some of the photos taken and my oldest granddaughter was just as excited to have the pictures taken as I was.  On Sunday, we met at Disney to find these photographers.  I was a little confused about finding these shots, so I stopped by the camera shop on Main Street for advice.  The cast members were wonderful.  Unfortunately, Disneyland doesn't have as many Magic Shots as Disney World - I was a little disappointed.  The Camera Shop said that you just need to ask a photographer that isn't with a character and they should be able to take the picture.  He said that they can do Tinkerbell in your hand in front of the castle.

So, I waited - patiently for my granddaughter to get to Disneyland.  Ok, I wasn't really that patient.  This visit was about getting silhouettes of her sisters and Magic Shots.  If we got to ride some rides then it was a bonus.

We went to the castle first and found a photographer standing to the side.  I asked her if she did Magic Shots and she said yes.  Siouxsie and I did a little squeal.  The photographer was wonderful.  She did our Tinkerbell shot, she did 3 different ones.

She told us that she could also do the balloons, so she dragged us in front of the castle to take that shot.

The photographer said that they could do the Hitchhikers in front of Haunted Mansion, but Jack was out so they wouldn't be doing that shot today.  California Adventures has Stitch coming out of the ground and eating ice cream.  These shots need to be taken during the day.

If you love Disney then you need to read the Capturing Magic blog,  She has wonderful ideas about everything Disney.  Steph is the creator of the blog and has a lot of inspiration - which is why I started this blog and got the family passes, so we could make memories.

When I was re-reading the Capturing Magic blog, I found this article about creating your own Magic Shots at home.  It got my mind spinning about the possibilities.  I am going to check out the sticker site that she recommended and then plan a Magic Shot day at Disney.  We can go and just find the different places to pose our picture, then I can come home and add the sticker.  I am so excited about it.

It will be a great memory.....

Monday, November 4, 2013

It is starting to feel like Christmas

I love Christmas, it is my favorite holiday.  I love the decorations, the feeling it gives me and the magic of it all.  So when I saw this tree, I think I might have made a little scream of joy.  In fact, I know that I screamed because the cast member came over to see if I was alright.  I mean look at those shoes and the little hats.  I know they ALL wanted to come home with me.  I might need a second job for the collection.  I didn't buy any yesterday, because I had the twins portraits done - so my Disney allotment was gone.  I think I need a budget line item just for Disney goodies.

Look, how adorable Tink's shoe is.  They have them for all the Princesses, Minnie, Villains.  I can decorate a small tree of just shoes.  See the Queen of Hearts shoe, adorable.

Then, I walked out of the store heading towards Walt and Minnie and I saw the castle.  Yup, they started decorating the castle.  I believe, I let out another little scream or gasp - not sure which one.  I absolutely, love Disneyland at Christmas.

I was waiting for my kids to arrive, so I just sat on a bench for 45 minutes watching the people.  I was a very happy girl.  I recommend on one of your Disney trips to just sit and watch.  There is so much beyond the rides.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

October Sweet

I am, seriously, obsessed with all the sweet things at Disneyland - especially the caramel apples.  They have regular ones that look like Mickey's pants and a Minnie one.  There are different apples that come out for the holidays.   They had 4 different apples for Halloween.  I bought all of them, just so I could take a picture of them.  I did share in eating them.  I made 4 trips to Disney to buy the apples, it was an excuse to go, lol.

Ghost Mickey - gave to my granddaughters.

Minnie Witch - gave to the secretaries at school.

Snow White's apple - gave to my daughter in law and grand daughter.

Pumpkin Mickey - I ate this one, it was really sweet because of the orange sugar.

But, this is my favorite apple.  My grand babe in her matching ears.

I was talking to one of the cast members and she told me that they have a special apple for every month.  This one is for October.  Cookies on the outside with gummy worms.  Now, I have to go and get November's apple.  I am making a special album just for all things Disney and I am going to need an apple section.  I think it will be a great thing for the grand kids to see when they get older.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Woo Hoo

Well, I did it - I got Disney passes for the family.  I have been 8 times in 3 weeks and I have loved every minute of it.  I love being able to take the grandbabies to Disneyland.  The older grandbabes love it and the little ones think it is special too.  I am not sure if Halloween or Christmas is my favorite time to visit.  I am loving all of the Halloween decorations.  I don't think they have as many decorations as they have had in the past.  I spent two hours taking pictures of just the Halloween decorations - love it.

This guy is one of my favorite decorations on Main Street.

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