Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Candy Apple - January

I was very sad last week when we went to Downtown Disney to get this month's apple, because all of the Christmas apples were gone.  I don't like when Christmas is over or the decorations are put away.  It makes me sad.

But, one bite of this month's apple made up for it.  You have to try it.

Imagine, a green apple coated with caramel.  Then, dipped in chocolate.  Ok, seriously that is enough to make me jump up and down.

Then, roll it chocolate cookies.  Squeeze peanut butter, running down the sides and add chopped peanuts.

To die for.  I mean it is so yummy - that I forgot about the Christmas apples and want to eat one a week for the whole month of January.

I did share a piece with hubby - then I hid the rest of the apple for me, hee hee.

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